The Northern capital of Russia

St. Petersburg is an ideal city for exploring the culture of Russia and an informative holiday. The city center and its historical suburbs are an open-air museum that tells about the fate of an entire country and houses masterpieces of world art. Architectural ensembles, an artful combination of the water surface of the canals and the granite of the embankments, a smooth «sky line» create a single harmonious image of the city that appeared thanks to the dream of Peter the Great.
St. Petersburg is the city where the classics of Russian literature were created and which they chose as the setting for their novels. The great people who made up the glory of Russia — musicians, travelers, academicians, inventors-lived and worked here and left real addresses.

8000 + historical and architectural monuments

The historic center and suburbs are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Winner of the World Tourism Awards

Awards as the best destination for urban tourism in Europe and the world in 2016-2018

TripAdvisor User Choice

The best destination in Russia for the last 5 years, is in the TOP 10 in Europe

Tours in Saint-Petersburg


3 reasons to come

St. Petersburg is a city with a special role in the history of the country, where the history of Russia was created for three centuries. The past of the imperial capital, the rich cultural heritage and the bustling life of the modern metropolis create in the city on the Neva a unique atmosphere that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Take a trip
along rivers and canals

The hallmark of St. Petersburg is the majestic panoramas of the historical ensembles of the Neva River embankments and its branches, connected by numerous bridges. The steely waters of rivers and canals, austere granite embankments with descents to the water, and bridges decorated with sculptures and elegant lattices, give the appearance of the city a special beauty. With water the city is perceived in a special’ve Neva on the idea of the founder of the city Peter was to become the city’s main thoroughfare, to erect buildings and structures followed, focusing on the river.

See 3 million exhibits of the Hermitage

The magnificent museum collection, which was founded in 1764 by Catherine II, today includes more than 3 million exhibits, located on an area of more than 200 thousand square meters. During the tour of the 350 halls of the State Hermitage Museum, you will walk more than 20 kilometers! In order not to get lost in the palace corridors and not to miss a single masterpiece, we recommend that you take this tour accompanied by our professional guide.

See the Orthodox Cathedral from the inside

In St. Petersburg, there are numerous Orthodox churches, nineteen of which have the status of cathedrals. St. Petersburg cathedrals are not only historical and architectural monuments, but also outstanding collections of decorative and applied art and, of course, spiritual centers, without visiting which it is difficult to fully understand Russian culture.

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